Getting Started

Power Up!

  1. Press the red power button on the small black Roku remote

Set Your Check-Out Date

  1. Wait a few seconds for it to connect to the internet
  1. Click on the highlighted, Get Started
  1. Enter your check out date by using the arrow key pad. Scroll up to enter your check out date, then scroll back down to the date and press OK.
  1. Click on Start Streaming.


  1. Press the home button on the Roku remote
  1. Press the right arrow to scroll over to DIRECTV. Click the OK button.
  1. Now You can use the white remote to control your TV.
  1. Press Guide button on the DIRECTV remote or check out the most popular channels here


  1. At the HOME button click the right arrow to sign into Netflix, Hulu, or Prime accounts.
  1. With ease and without worry of someone else using your services.
  1. Our Roku TV's will sign you out of these services on your check out date, if you entered it correctly.